PackAlliance: European alliance for innovation training & collaboration towards future packaging


15-12-2020 09:18


Cleaning and hygiene, personal care and cosmetics, health and biomedical Textile products, clothing, sports and toys Food packaging, disposable tablewear Biofuels and bioenergy Building, construction and restoration, paintings, decorations and furniture Nutraceuticals, environmental bioregulation and biological sensors Other


Market/business development Consumers’ awareness and information, trust building Supporting strategies, regulatory frameworks legislation and standards at EU and national levels Supporting environment (Infrastructures, intermediaires, new business opportunities) Regional/Local development Other

PACKALLIANCE intends to contribute to modernise the Higher Education curricula by enhancing its alignment with the Plastics Packaging labour market needs. PACKALLIANCE is a Knowledge Alliance that brings together academic and industry partners from 4 EU countries (Spain, Poland, Finland and Italy) in order to foster Academia-Industry collaboration for innovation and competence building in innovative and sustainable packaging, as a nuclear element for the transition to the Circular Economy within the plastic industry.