Dramatic fall in EU use of coal for power generation

The use of coal for power generation in the European Union fell by a record 24% in 2019

27-04-2020 14:10




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A recent report “The European Power Sector in 2019” (February 2020) by Germany-based Agora Energiewende Group and Ember, an independent London climate think-tank focused on speeding up the global electricity transition, reports that the use of coal for power generation among the 27 countries of the European Union fell by a record 24% last year. This led to a 12% fall in European power sector CO2 emissions in 2019 which represents the biggest fall since at least 1990. The report aggregates data from every EU country, to present the latest insights on Europe’s electricity transition. The online data is provided open source and free to download. As part of the European Green Deal EU heads of state have endorsed Europe to become the first greenhouse gas neutral continent by 2050, and the EU commission is putting forward proposals to raise Europe’s 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target to -50% or -55% below 1990 levels. “Europe has become a test-bed for replacing coal with wind & solar power, and the fast results should give reassurance to other countries that they can rapidly phase out coal too.” Dave Jones Electricity Specialist, Ember