The plastics paradox


27-07-2021 10:50


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FINALLY - the Truth about Plastics & the Environment By Dr. Chris DeArmitt FRSC Everything we know about plastics is nothing more than internet gossip – and it’s untrue. The headlines and articles we read are not supported by science and evidence. I know because I’ve spent over 1000 hours reading the peer-reviewed science and it tells a very different story. If you truly care about the environment, then please read the science collected here on this site. This site is by a career scientist who has spent over 1000 hours reading hundreds of scientific articles and reports to make sure that the facts are solid. I found that almost everything we’ve been told is utter nonsense and is soundly disproven by the science. I don’t care if people are against plastics based on the facts, but at present people are against plastics based on clear, unsubstantiated lies. That’s a problem because we need to start with the truth if we are going to make wise decisions for a brighter future. If you care, then please look at the evidence and then decide. If you don’t, then you will be harming the environment by making poor choices.