Canada launches circular procurement website

13-04-2021 17:26




Supporting environment (Infrastructures, intermediaires, new business opportunities)

Canada has launched its first circular #procurement website: The website aims to be a resource and sharing platform to educate, engage, and connect value chains with the circular economy, and to showcase announcements, research, tools and resources, guidance and best practices, business models, policies and frameworks, and case studies from around the world and for various spend categories. Public authorities and private sector organisations in Canada increasingly recognise their potential to use their immense buying power to advanceCanada’s circular economy. Recycling Council of Ontario | Circular Innovation Council created to support this collective understanding and to increase collaboration across the value chain, aiming to accelerate Canada’s path to circularity. “This is an opportunity to engage markets to reconsider modes of consumption and production to deliver on common goals to reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste, and support local and diverse economies while building our resilience and competitiveness," notes Jo-Anne St. Godard, Executive Director, Recycling Council of Ontario | Circular Innovation Council.