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BIOVOICES project. Questo video fornisce una overview del progetto.

BIOVOICES will bring together all relevant stakeholder groups and tackle bio-based related challenges by establishing a mobilisation and mutual learning platform, involving a plurality of voices with different perspectives, knowledge and experiences, and animating open dialogue and co-creation of knowledge between all participants.


La piattaforma e i workshop di mobilitazione e apprendimento reciproco

Questo video descrive sinteticamente cosa è la piattaforma BOVOICES e i workshop di mobilitazione e apprendimento reciproco


Are textile industries in Italy ready to switch to green?


BIOVOICES Newsletter #2 - Natural insulation materials in transition


New recycled bags and bottles and sustainable packaging at MeetingPack 2019


STARAMAKI straw as a bio-based answer to diversify rural regions in Greece


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Actors and Politics in Finland’s Forest-Based Bioeconomy Network