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Document type: Project deliverable

Abstract: The BIOVOICES website will act as an institutional communication and dissemination channel of the project, comprising both institutional and promotional content about the project, including information about its scope, objectives, activities and key public results. Other information such as news and events will only be accessible through BIOVOICES Platform. The institutional website will serve as the “front-door” of the platform. It is important that some information is only available on the platform in order to stimulate the need for users to register in eat for special and exclusive content. This platform will be developed under WP5 (D5.1, D5.2, D5.3, D5.4, D5.5, D5.6).

Description: Deliverable of the BIOVOICES project

Year of publication: 2018

Author: Catarina Pereira

Owner: BIOVOICES project

Type of owner: EU-funded project

Keywords: Website design

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