The grass, a new bio-based value chain

21-11-2019 10:20


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Market/business development

Gramitherm is a patented Swiss process that enables the production of the next generation of natural insulation boards from meadow grass fibres. This product excels in offering both insulation against the cold of winter as well as summer heat. Its fibrous structure also absorbs noise efficiently. The fibres are treated with a natural solution to achieve fire retardancy and anti-fungal properties. During the processing, the organic compounds are removed from the fibres, therefore there is nothing in the product to cause allergies or irritation, and no attraction to rodents. Gramitherm is the first 100% clean insulation material and exhibits the best ecological balance in its category! Wherever grass grows, Gramitherm is a viable insulation solution. One hectare of grassland enables the production of about 200m³ of Gramitherm after treatment and separation of the digestible material. In order to supply 100% of the insulation market in Switzerland, a grass production area of 15.000 ha or approximately 2% of the countryʼs grassland would suffice. The digestible components of the grass are dissociated in order to be used for the production of biogas or for food, especially for pigs. Every component is utilised, there is no waste. A life-cycle analysis has confirmed the comparative benefits of Gramitherm regarding grey energy, emission of greenhouse gases and environmental impact. Thanks to the absorption of atmospheric during the growth of the grass, Gramitherm actually contributes to the reduction of the greenhouse effect. More information: