BIOVOICES Newsletter #2 - Natural insulation materials in transition

Are textile industries in Italy ready to switch to green? 23-07-2019 16:23 Newsletter #2 - BIOVOICES - July 2019

23-07-2019 16:36


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In the Netherlands, the adoption of bio-based innovations in the building sector is slow. Natural insulation materials such as sheep's wool, flax, wood fibre, hemp, straw, and cellulose are seen as a promising sector, but still have a small market share (4% in Europe). As a part of BIOVOICES, WUR organized during the NatureFiberTastic 2019 in Bergen op Zoom - a dialogue with 28 entrepreneurs, citizens and researchers discussing how to speed up adoption of these materials. In this article we look at the bottlenecks and solutions to enhance the use of natural insulation materials