21-11-2019 10:20

The grass, a new bio-based value chain

Ikea and H&M group collaborate on ‘chemicals in recycled textiles’ study.

18-11-2019 13:08

Fashion giant H&M Group and furniture giant Ikea are collaborating on a large-scale study which looks at chemical content in post-consumer textile recycling.

Growing Experimentations on Bacterial Nanocellulose

15-11-2019 14:13

The project includes several experimentations on bacterial nanocellulose

Dove announces global move to shift to 100% recycled plastic bottles.

14-11-2019 09:50

Unilever-owned beauty brand Dove is making moves to produce 100% recycled plastic bottles and plastic-free packs for its iconic Dove Beauty Bar soaps.

Leaf Life…Taste, Recycle and Plant!

12-11-2019 15:12

LeafLife is a kit which allows to recycle tea waste in order to obtain #biodegradable garden pots

Shells’ Shapes

07-11-2019 10:11

Kit of molds for the sea made of biomaterial derived from shells.

The Growing Pavilion

06-11-2019 16:01

An ode to the beauty and power of biobased materials.

PepsiCo reiterates ‘recycled content’ packaging commitment in sustainability report.

25-10-2019 11:30

Drinks giant PepsiCo has reiterated its pledge to reduce 35% of virgin plastic content across its beverage portfolio by 2025 in its recently unveiled sustainability report.

World’s first bio-based faux fur delivered by DuPont-Stella McCartney partnership.

23-10-2019 14:38

Created by ECOPEL, KOBA integrates up to 100 percent DuPont Sorona polymer homofilament fibres to offer a soft, versatile, and long-lasting fur alternative, and the first commercially available faux fur using bio-based ingredients.