Biobased bouwmaterialen versnellen/Acceleration of biobased building materials

Timezone: GMT-12:00

Organiser: WR

Event type: national

On web

Description: Due to the coronavirus, the meeting has been changed into an online meeting. Biobased building materials such as wood and natural insulation materials are in the spotlight. Not only with startups and users, but also with policymakers and the circular building agenda. Biobased building materials help to reduce CO2 impacts and nitrogen emissions during transports. They also become visible in integral solutions and contribute to the desired Environmental Performance (MPG) for planning permission. However, it is too early to cheer. Compared to our neighbouring countries, in the Netherlands the market share of biobased building materials is still small and until now planting trees is mainly seen as good nature practice. How can policies ensure that biobased building materials gain a greater market share? And how can you contribute to this?

Notes: meeting via skype for business

Application sectors:

Building, construction and restoration, paintings, decorations and furniture

Topics of discussion:

Supporting strategies, regulatory frameworks legislation and standards at EU and national levels


C2 – Introduce EU and national incentives







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