Waste management panel and MML Workshop „Plastics ABC – how to reduce plastic waste and select best alternatives“

Timezone: GMT+02:00

Organiser: Civitta Estonia

Event type: regional

Description: PROMOTE CHANGES IN PURCHASE HABITS Waste management panel and MML Workshop „Plastics ABC – how to reduce plastic waste and select best alternatives“ BIOVOICES Regional Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) Workshop: Pärnu, ESTONIA on 10th August 2019 Festival InAugust is one of the first public festivals to focus on environmental sustainability, waste management and climate change. BIOVOICES is organising a panel discussion about waste management and reduction, during which a regional Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) Workshop will be held, which focuses on plastics in everyday life and aims to facilitate the switch to bio-based. The panel discussion will cover every corner of the waste management today and its future directions. The panel speakers are: • A representative of the policy sector – the “voice“ of the policy makers, bringing the government’s viewpoint and responsibilities, discussing about legislations and directions for the future; • Leader of the local apartment cooperative - representing the „voice“ of the public; speaking about the pros and cons of circular waste management system, and its feasibility at apartments. • Representative of business sector – representing the “voice” of the business sector, a private entrepreneur, who promotes the growth of the circular economy. • Representative of the research and business sector – a material scientist and CEO of waste management company, who believes in circular economy and values a sustainable lifestyle. Civil Society is invited to discuss together with the speakers about the waste management today and in the future. The discussion will continue in the MML workshop, where through a competition the participants gain knowledge about different kinds of plastics and will be introduced to environment-friendly alternatives. The interactive hands-on workshop will focus on the following topics: • What are the positive and negative connotations about bio-based plastic bags and disposable tableware? Which plastic alternatives are best to use? • Do the bio-based and other environmentally friendly plastics have the same features as the regular ones? • How to decrease the use of disposable plastic tableware? What are successful awareness raising concepts/strategies and best alternatives/ideas how to reduce plastic tableware? All attendees are introduced to an Expo area, which demonstrates great environmentally-friendly plastic alternatives, and most active participants will win those as a prize!

Application sectors:

Food packaging, disposable tablewear

Topics of discussion:

Consumers’ awareness and information, trust building


B2 – Changes in purchase habits







Liina Vaher

20-09-2019 10:04


MML on plastic and waste


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