Plastic, construction and bio-waste: too valuable to waste - Mannheim2020 Solution Session

Timezone: GMT+01:00

Organiser: ICLEI Europe

Event type: international

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Description: Cities around Europe are piloting and implementing solutions to become more circular. Plastic, construction and bio-waste are three of the waste streams that cities are seeking to reduce or reuse due to their environmental impact and socio-economic value. In this session, we will hear the experience of three cities that have got down to the job. What have they done? What did they learn? The audience will be invited to challenge their approach. Key questions to be answered are: - What approaches are different cities taking to tackle plastic, construction and bio-waste? - Which levers do cities have to effectively close these materials loops? - Can material innovations make cities more circular? - How to turn challenges into opportunities? - Can their solutions be replicated elsewhere? The 90-minute session will be divided in a 50-minute plenary session, featuring 3 speakers (one from each the BioVoices, PlastiCircle and CityLoops projects) and three 40-min breakout sessions, divided by waste stream. All sessions will follow a classical approach (moderation-presentation-interaction), inviting the audience to interact and participate. The event is part of the Mannheim2020 Conference. Registration and more information:

Application sectors:

Food packaging, disposable tablewear

Biofuels and bioenergy

Building, construction and restoration, paintings, decorations and furniture

Topics of discussion:

Supporting strategies, regulatory frameworks legislation and standards at EU and national levels

Regional/Local development


C2 – Introduce EU and national incentives

E1 – Enhance local bio-economy strategies & action plans

E2 – Boost local deployment







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