Biobridges workshop at IFIB 2019 - New bioeconomy value chains from local resources: challenges and opportunities

Timezone: GMT-12:00

Organiser: APRE

Event type: international

Description: 4 October 2019 (9.30-13.00) - IFIB 2019 Naples, University of Naples Federico II Conference Centre In the context of  IFIB 2019, Biobridges project is organizing a co-creation workshop to ease the dialogue among actors along the value chain (industry, policy makers, consumers, researchers, investors, feedstock providers, etc.) and to highlight challenges and opportunities for the valorisation of local resources in the bioeconomy framework. Starting from the analysis of local available feedstocks, speakers of the round table will present technologies solutions, innovative ideas, opportunities and challenges within the context of bioeconomy. Thanks to interactive tools, the audience will be actively engaged in the co-creation of new solutions, business opportunities and concrete actions to boost local development through the potentialities offered by bioeconomy. Round table speakers Serena CHIERICI - Stazioni Sperimentale per l’Industria delle Conserve Alimentari, Agrimax project Valorization of agricultural wastes (tomatoes, potatoes, olives and cereals) Ignacio MARTIN JIMENEZ – Fundacion CIRCE, Power4Bio Project Empowering regional stakeholders for realising the full potential of bioeconomy Mariantonella PALERMO – Tecnoalimenti, Biobarr Project Bio-based food packaging: improving properties and sustainability   Patrizia CIRCELLI - PNO consultants, Biopen Project Tools for supporting companies in the bio-based sector Altroconsumo (tbc) How attract citizens in the definition of new bio-products addressing consumers’ expectations Pierpaolo ROVERE – Agrifood & Bioeocnomy Cluster Agency Defining and implementing an holistic regional strategy for supporting bioeconomy    Biobridges project Biobridges is a project funded by the European Commission through the Public-Private Partnershio Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) and it was conceived to tackle the key challenge of improving the marketability of bio-based products (BBPs) by fostering close cooperation and partnerships among bio-based industries, brand owners and consumers’ representatives. Registration are open, please, fill the form available here: For more support and information, please contact Matteo Sabini (

Application sectors:

Cleaning and hygiene, personal care and cosmetics, health and biomedical

Textile products, clothing, sports and toys

Food packaging, disposable tablewear

Biofuels and bioenergy

Building, construction and restoration, paintings, decorations and furniture

Nutraceuticals, environmental bioregulation and biological sensors


Topics of discussion:

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E1 – Enhance local bio-economy strategies & action plans







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