Regional MML (Norwich UK) - Waste Valorisation and the Bioeconomy: a Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Workshop

Timezone: GMT+00:00

Organiser: Minerva UK

Event type: regional

Description: Representatives from the stakeholder groups with the hands-on knowledge and willingness to contribute input and experience from their own perspectives, will engage to: 1. Identify the Challenges preventing progression & development of the UK’s bio-based sectors and products? [to be discussed across all phases of development] 2. Focus on the Opportunities for the development of the UK Bio-based sector? [to be discussed across all phases of development] 3. Share the Success Factors from their experience & knowledge of bio-based sectors and products [come prepared to share your insights] 4. Agree Top level points to progress the UK Bio-based sector [across all phases of development and to be shared at national and European level meetings]

Application sectors:

Cleaning and hygiene, personal care and cosmetics, health and biomedical

Textile products, clothing, sports and toys

Food packaging, disposable tablewear

Biofuels and bioenergy

Building, construction and restoration, paintings, decorations and furniture

Nutraceuticals, environmental bioregulation and biological sensors


Topics of discussion:

Market/business development

Consumers’ awareness and information, trust building

Supporting strategies, regulatory frameworks legislation and standards at EU and national levels

Supporting environment (Infrastructures, intermediaires, new business opportunities)

Regional/Local development



A1 – Find first customers

A2 – Specify Unique Selling Points (USP)

A3 – Up-scaling

B2 – Changes in purchase habits

B3 – Increase the Adoption

C2 – Introduce EU and national incentives

C3 – Release standardization

D1 – Improve the ecosystem to enhance business cases

D2 – B2B users as frontrunners

D3 – Increase sustainable 2G feed stock for b2b products

E1 – Enhance local bio-economy strategies & action plans

E2 – Boost local deployment








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